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 subject: "Trophy"

Mar 04, 2014
9:36 PM

All that money brad gettin tell him we need supa size trophies being he ain`t paying for that bs field we playing on....


Mar 05, 2014
09:13 AM
address that with him and stop bashing that man. i bet you couldnt do any of what he does on the regular.

Mar 06, 2014
5:14 PM
Plzzz it`s to easy
fashion po-po

Mar 06, 2014
8:29 PM
a 4 foot trophy is tacky

and you realize he has yet to make a profit off the league? refs, fields, insurance...these things all cost money
Fan, you area dumb a$$

Mar 07, 2014
12:42 PM
Seriously? You really think Brad is making money hand over fist on this league? You try to run a league. Pay for the fields, the refs, insurance, etc. Then the time needed to organize all of this?!?! I`ve played in other leagues, CVFA is blessed to have the bald guy.

Dumb a$$.

Mar 07, 2014
1:55 PM
Feels so loved....

Mar 07, 2014
8:10 PM
***** plz **** too easy

Mar 08, 2014
10:07 PM
jus messin round good job commish
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