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 subject: "Spring 2014 Preview"
Lt. Cobra

Mar 03, 2014
10:36 AM

1. Primetime
2. Firm
3. Boogie
3. Speed Kills
5. Westwood
6. RBI
7. Empire
8. Mayhem
9. 1st 48
10. Heisman

* Primetime will be tested this Spring, but the return of TC and Wayne makes this team the favored.

* Most improved team should be Westwood with key additions from Am Fam. Another improved team will be RBI...if they show up with everyone they could easily be top 3.

* Free Agents:

1) Paul Jones
2) Spiker
3) Jake
4) Troy
5) ToughSpect/Am Fam Players


cool herc

Apr 01, 2014
03:42 AM
When and where is the spring league taking place.
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