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 subject: "....(yawn).....(stretch)....."
D...Diabolical Hater

Jan 30, 2014
1:46 PM

Da fuq going on here!!!!? Who keeps making all this **** noise!!!? I thought I told you bammas I didn`t want no more pamphlets or GIRL SCOUT get off my f in lawn before I call seņor herbanight to come make you do Burpees!!!!

Seriously senor why don`t you just open your own globo gym ?? Did you guys Richmond was actually voted healthiest city for the homeless!? Thanks to seņor and his herbalife samples he passes out to any breathing creature on his 20 mile runs.....can`t knock the hustle need to go talk to the coach for Da Squad

You know you a big dude when every time you talk and it sounds like you got a mouth full of food.....let`s get a few things straight here Andy Reid

1) I ....and only I....troll empire.... It`s a copy written patented got something to say about or to empire that is negative it has to be run by me first ....league rules don`t try to come in here and take my living

2) never ever....ever ....ever ...EVER call your team a B team when half of boogie monsters is out there tackling people.....we don`t believe you you need more people

3) when the games on the line if you gonna use all your energy talking and get that out of better tie the game ....had that been an actual A league game you would`ve been 1st and 48ed (yes it is now a verb)

Empire!!!!! You sorry sons of Real Housewives of Atlanta......can I ask you a question`s serious now....

Why are you still bothering to play???!

Hmmm let`s see here ....Stat guy Nalley what up pimp juice!!! Glad to have you back as always ...fellas if you don`t know whenever you have a bad game Nalley is the guy you blame !!! If you don`t believe me ask the commish he`s still trying to get his coed stats officially recorded

Commish we love you man we appreciate all you do but hater is concerned long you gonna keep this up? You gonna be wrapped up like a mummy by the end of winter you know you too old to be out in this cold man got a good thing going you can retire to a desk job unlike playmaker who is playing for his next don`t need the game man. You`re the Cvfa bhop or the male version of Mae young in the coed circle.......

Who are these other teams hmm

Hope well.....they aight I heard ...not good enough to be on haters radar though so that`s all the board time you get til you make some legit noise

Cavs bum bum bum bum B-U-M *** dudes had the nerve to come to an ADULT league with a nerf ball!!? Then you apologized like you didn`t know??! Like we just gonna let it it`s not an advantage?!!!!! Where they do that at!!!? Ballgate -_- Im going to tell Winnagle and you will never win another game again!!!!

Mayhem .....enjoy this run while you can I got $20 that says you`ll only have two original members come spring ...Brad and the one guy he can convince to come with him to B league under a different name but same uniforms o_O

And speed kills.......slowly moving up to the top spot for most hated.....speed kills I think you owe primetime for your roster additions and recent success.....the roster consist mostly of guys mad they couldn`t beat playmaker I even heard you Sucka MCs collaborated for a few games....


All kind of hate directed at that bonafide bs...Playmaker you the lil Kim of the league for that you ll lay in bed with anyone just to play flag....and you speed just have no standards you two ain`t nothing but "ol` LAB *** ninjas"

Aight fellas I`m out .....I heard south beach is real nice this year I think Imma check it out on Instagram

Hate hate hate

(D...Diabolical Hater is a satirical column made by a CVFA player said player is friends with most people he talks about it`s jokes take it as such and stop stalking me Mont)

Winnagles Bullhorn

Jan 30, 2014
2:10 PM
@ The Cavs "Dive P U S S Y"

Jan 30, 2014
4:53 PM
while i wish i could take credit for that gem, it was actually drew who yelled "dive pu$$y"...still awesome

i kept hearing the cavs were back but couldnt believe it until the Hater brought it up. i thought they learned last time i played them to keep their mouths shut?

so, commish, can i pay $60 to play on whatever team plays against the Cavs each week? screw it, make it $120 and i will bring drew with me...

Jan 30, 2014
6:05 PM
But come on Hater, Cavs` QB has small hands!!!

Jan 30, 2014
6:42 PM
I don`t care what anyone thinks with the football situation. I talked to brad about it and he said theres no rule on what football you can use. I already decided to go with an official football earlier this week. I`ve played in this league for a while now, and I have seen plenty of teams that doesn`t use a official football. If the Cavs does it its the end of the world to some. You can hate on us joke on us whatever y`all like to do it doesn`t bother us. With the hater guy I knew what football we were using and I wasn`t apologizing to no one. I know its a little hard to understand sarcasm on a message board. Mr. Winnagle, I know you dominated us in the past and its been some years since you played us ,but I doubt u can do that now with all that beer weight you put on. Your best bet is to sit the bench, drink a beer and try to break your field goal record.

Jan 30, 2014
7:58 PM
Beer weight or not, I still put my name on my posts...maybe if you had the balls, we could find out if I still got it. let me know if you want to take your squad and face mine. With all your confidence, maybe we could put a lil money on the game? Something small, like $500?

Oh, and it`s Mr. Winnagle, 2013 State Champion sponsored by Herbalife

cavs #7

Jan 30, 2014
9:02 PM
I have no reason to hide I should have been more specific. What squad do you play on ... primetime? You have been on so many teams it will take me all day to guess. I`ll shut you down, and if u you have to bring your team out to see you on the field challenge accepted. I don`t gamble you lose more than you gain when it comes to that.

Jan 30, 2014
10:26 PM
Don`t you mean Mr.Winnagle who hop on the primetime bandwagon in 2013. Cav#7 is are the Kim kardashain of flag football. Ya been with everybody. So just sit back and drink your wine cooler.
Fat Rece aka Allen

Jan 30, 2014
11:32 PM
Primetime state championships without Winnagle

0 fer

Primetime state championships with Winnagle

1-1 and I`m pretty sure primetime asked Winnagle not Winnagle asking primetime but what do I know I just carry the water and park the Audi

And you don`t need to explain yourself to the hater nobody takes him seriously but empire


Jan 31, 2014
08:57 AM
so many teams? i know you inbreds have a tough time with counting, but i have played for a total of 3 mens league teams. you should be able to count that even without sandals on. River City, a winter with Westwood bc i wanted to ball and river city wasnt playing, and now Primetime. you should probably worry about finishing elementary school before you bring your dumb ass to the board...

nicewiggleon the bet. everybody has big balls until it comes to putting up...
cavs #7

Jan 31, 2014
10:02 AM
I`ll work on my counting and with the bet thing I don`t bet or buy lottery tickets. If I was playing those guys I still wouldn`t bet. You can take it as whatever I don`t care what you think. You should lay off with balls thing, I don`t know if it`s because you play to many kickball games or you just like guys balls.
league commissioner

Jan 31, 2014
3:21 PM
nathan, work on your counting...

you forgot:
brute squad

Jan 31, 2014
3:31 PM
Remember, he won a championship with Brute Squad.
Wine Coolers?

Jan 31, 2014
3:40 PM
WINnagle only likes the best of the best, That Arbor Mist baby!
cavs #7

Jan 31, 2014
4:40 PM
Better start looking for your sandals nate

Feb 01, 2014
10:42 AM
i hardly consider playing for brute in the B when i could make it for a season to count as a team, especially when i was rolling with river city in the A and it was my team. at any rate, i`ve become bored with the ****ing hillbilly. you suck at football, i dont. good day.
cavs #7

Feb 01, 2014
11:16 AM
Will see
league commissioner

Feb 01, 2014
6:07 PM
Well you were drunk for most of the season....
Cool Herc

Feb 11, 2014
11:18 PM
Flag Football is dead, no more kicking it under the hut like at Ruffin road, too many soft co ed leagues, not only the same team is winning, but they constantly stacking the deck, never a structure roster, and the attendance is down big time, the players from other teams dont count. Dead, Dead, Dead.
D...Diabolical Hater

Feb 12, 2014
6:39 PM
Come on herc fox your bi focals old man the same team won at Ruffin for the longest time too .....the "best team" has had the same roster from 2012 winter and running. If you mad about their roster blame the other 8 teams that let them go

Your way of thinking is outdated man Cvfa got men teams from all over coming to Richmond for comp and even got women teams traveling in for comp coed is a different game hence different rules and if anything is helping to build the men and women leagues.

Kick rocks and take that negativity elsewhere while it`s not as prestigious as Ruffin (and I mean that with the utmost respect)this league and flag is twice as big bs growing in popularity as when you played in the 50s.

Cmon now man.....
league commissioner

Feb 13, 2014
12:58 PM
exactly. Flag is flourishing, it just may look different; and who is to say your description of what makes a good league is more relevant than someone else`s

Feb 14, 2014
01:09 AM
The league is excellent. We need better fields in the Spring though. Any ideas?

Feb 14, 2014
10:58 PM
not only the same team is winning, but they constantly stacking the deck, never a structure roster

lmao. That level of hate is off the charts.

like there aren`t tons of athletes in the cvfa. Any team can stack the roster with talent.

A lot of teams have more than enough talent to win.

But what they dont have is SELFLESS talent.

Talent that knows its good enough to play both ways but takes a backseat to do whats best for the team.

not to mention, WE PLAY SMART.

most people/teams are arrogant and have no real football smarts.

So they end up losing to those who do.
Senor Herbalife

Feb 16, 2014
01:40 AM
A lot of teams don`t have Herbalife either!!! You want to be the best you have to be fueled by the best... Men lie, women lie, children lie but Herbalife results don`t!!!! Get Herbalife!!!
stop in Winnagle

Feb 21, 2014
3:02 PM
you don`t even get in the game for Primetime. You`re the kicker.
cool herc- late response

Apr 01, 2014
04:04 AM
Ofcourse Brad you will say that, you collecting all the money, and how is flag flourishing there, the feild conditions. Is ****. Accidents waiting to happen there and there`s hardly any attendance at your games. I stopped thru last season to watch a so call key match up, and other than the players, it was dead. Ruffin road was always jumping every week..... And Diabolical Hater, your comments are wack and out dated, dont be mad cause im old enough to be your daddy, but look good enough to take my boy. If you have any complaints, direct them to allah.....
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