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The CVFA Hall of Fame
Class of 2013:

Ronald Napper

QB, Raptors, #7

Ron was the ultimate sportsman; competitive as they come, yet never let his desire to win overcome his kindness, he was an example to us all of a father and player; playing into his 50s, with his son and nephew. Ron was an asset to the league and will be missed.

Ron is presented to the HOF by teammate and co-captain John Brown

Mr. Ronald Lee Napper was born 18 April 1962 in Columbus, OH. He entered the USMC on 29 August, 1980.

During his twenty two years in the Marine Corps he has been stationed on both coasts of the United States, Two tours at sea, Desert Shield, Desert Storm and Operation Restore Hope, Somalia. One thing remained constant with him was his love of football, whether he was playing while on an air craft carrier or contact football league with the Marine Corps when state side. At Marine Corps Air Station in Cherry Point, NC he and a fellow Naval Officer coached the Cherry Point team to a league championship. And before he retired at Ft. Lee, VA he even coached an MWR little league team for a couple of years.

After Ron retired from the USMC, he began a new career that he always wanted to do which was being a Police Officer; he was a Federal Police Officer working at Ft. Lee.

He continued his Football addiction by playing with the MWR league on Ft. Lee for almost 10 years where he played for the 217th MP/PMO Watch Dogs. Under Rons lead the Watch Dogs won 4 Championships. In 2009 Rons 217th Watch Dog Became the Raptors after the two teams merged. Ron stayed on as a co captain. Ron participating in 273 out of the 291 games the Raptors played. Ron`s Raptors won 14 Championships and 269 games. In honor of Ron, After his death his Raptor played two more seasons under the name Team Napper.

Many of the more than 300 men that played with Ron has carried on the name Team Napper as marathon teams, Madd teams and more teams are planned to come. Ron was a fierce Competitor sometimes playing five or more games a week against people half his age. Ron would often say, outside of his family, he lived for football and that he was gonna play until he died. He did just that. Ron was a loving husband, a wonderful father to eight great kids, six boys and two girls and a friend to anyone who came across him.

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