Season Awards


A- MVP: Davey Martin, Poor Boys/Brute Sq #7
B-MVP: Marcus Johnson, Knightz Ron Napper Memorial Sportsman of the year: Chuck Samson, Penny Lane #20


MVP: Steve Miller, River City #3

Monday OPY: Jake Parsons, JRE #20

Defensive Player of the Year: Davy Martin, PBR #7
Lineman of the Year: Pat Brewer, Westwood #98
Rookie of the Year: Brian Kelly, Brute Squad #21


Summer 2011 MVP: Tee Terrier, Empire
Spring 2011:


Sunday MVP: Jay Hargrove, Built Tough #3

Monday MVP: Chauncey Payne, Primetime #9
Sunday OPY: Dustin Clark, Takeover #6

Monday OPY: Kelly Spiker, River City #9

Sunday DPY: Nate Kurtz, Knightz #77

Monday DPY: Davey Martin, PBR #7

Rookie of the Year: Jarell Roe, Usual Suspects #7

Summer 2010:
Regular Season Mens League MVP
Kelly Spiker, River City QB #9
Regular Season Coed League MVP
Jennifer Woodie, Your Mom DL/WR
Regular Season Mens League Top Offensive Player
Mike "Source" Smith, Westwood QB#2
Regular Season Mens League Top Defensive Player
Terrence Terrier, Empire CB #22
Regular Season Mens League Top Rookie
Alex Wohlford, Hometown WR #33

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